The first reflection token and beer on Binance Smart Chain

BNBeer is built on the Binance Smart Chain and is one of the first crypto projects to work collaboratively with a manufacturer to produce beer.

$BNBeer is looking to fully revolutionize the decentralized world.

Here at $BNBeer we are more than just a Defi token, we are a real beer business and the future of Defi.

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What is our goal?

BNBeer is more than just a regular token. Our goal is to create value for our investors by creating a real beer business. Our team will use the income from the beer business as well as NFT sales to carry out regular buybacks of BNBeer tokens. This strategy will increase the price of BNBeer tokens and create more value for our investors.

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Why Hold $BNBeer?

01. Unique Auto-Buyback Function

Auto-Buyback is a built-in smart contract function to automatically buy back various amounts of $BNBeer whenever someone sells their tokens. This helps to stabilize the token price, which benefits investors more than manual buybacks.

06. Massive Marketing Allocation

5% of $BNBeer tokens have been reserved for airdrops and digital marketing. Additionally, 4% of every $BNBeer transaction is used directly for marketing activities. This allows us to continually increase our marketing budget, which will rapidly boost our brand awareness and attract new investors.

05. Real Business-backed Token

BNBeer is different than regular tokens because this business will have tangible assets, and can generate real profit for investors. Profits from beer sales will be used to buyback $BNBeer tokens, further boosting the token price.

02. SAFU HOLDers Choice

The initial Liquidity Pool is locked under PinkSale for 24 months. Our contract was audited by an independent smart contract auditing firm before presale started. Our development team is doxed to increase investor confidence. We also have a KYC certificate, and do not hold any $BNBeer. We also commit to never carrying out private sales.

03. Anti-Dump Contract Design

The sell tax is much higher than the buy tax on $BNBeer. HODLers will receive reflections from every transaction and will benefit from times of high volume and volatility. This system encourages the "Diamond Hand" strategy, and helps us attract long-term investors.

04. Reserve 10% tokens for CZ

10% of $BNBeer tokens will be locked and reserved for the Binance CEO as well as his leadership team. This will be used to incentivize the Binance team to participate as a project advisor. If no partnership is reached, these tokens will be burned.


Phase 1 – Launch

Tab 1

Deploy & Audit Smart Contract on Binance Smart Chain


Tab 1

Launch Website & Social Media


Tab 1

Token Launch on PinkSale & PancakeSwap


Tab 1

CoinGecko Listing


Tab 1

CoinmarketCap Listing


Tab 1

Massive Digital Marketing & Airdrop


Tab 1

Team Expansion


Phase 2 – Investment

Tab 2

Listing on Centralized Exchange


Tab 2

Partnerships with Regional Beer Enterprise

Tab 2

Beer Manufacturing and Delivery

Tab 2

NFT Collection Release

Tab 2

Launch of BNBeer Point of Sale

Tab 2

Buyback $BNBeer from Business Profit

Phase 3 – Return

Tab 2

Transfer $BNBeer Reserved for CZ

Tab 2

Listing on Top 10 Centralized Exchange

Tab 2

Listing on BINANCE Exchange

Tab 2

Onboarding Binace Smart Chain into $BNBeer ecosystem

Tab 2

Top 100 on CoinMarketCap





Allocation for "CZ" refers to tokens that are reserved for the Binance team to initiate a strategic partnership. If a partnership is not reached, these tokens will be burned. Locked for 6 months.

Allocation for "Promo" refers to tokens which are reserved for airdrops and digital marketing. These tokens are locked for the first 5 days after launch to avoid an initial price impact.

Allocation for "Liquidity" refers to tokens which are reserved for Pancakeswap liquidity. This facilitates the trading of $BNBeer during the public sale period. These tokens are locked for two years.

Allocation for "Presale" refers to tokens that are reserved for the presale on PinkSale. $BNBeer launched on November 7th 2021.

Allocation for "Burn" refers to tokens that are burned immediately. Over time the continual burning of tokens will cause deflation, and increase the value of each $BNBeer token for our investors.

Buy Tax

Sell Tax


Every $BNBeer transaction will involve tax. As a holder, you will receive reflections whenever another investors buys OR sells $BNBeer. This system greatly benefits investors who hold long-term.

Audit & KYC & Whitepaper

Want to know more details about $BNBeer?

Click on the link below to read our Whitepaper.

Our team wants our investors to feel confident investing in $BNBeer. Our contract was audited by eNEBULA, an independent third party smart-contract auditing company.

Want to learn more about the team behind $BNBeer?, an independent auditing firm has verified the identities of our team and has granted a KYC certificate to $BNBeer.

Audit Report
KYC Certificate

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How do you buy $BNBeer?

If this is your first time using PancakeSwap, take a look at the guide below.

Connect your wallet to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.

Import the contract address for $BNBeer, which is 0x7FD659e61815a4B6E65Bd373183B5146580D17cf

In a few seconds, the "Swap" button will appear. Sometimes this step may may take a few minutes.

Adjust the slippage tolerance by adding ".001" to the end of the $BNBeer amount that you are purchasing.

Check out these other links if you need additional support:

How to Create a Wallet?

How to Get BEP20 Tokens?

How to Use PancakeSwap?

What is a “gas fee”?

Gas fee are the transaction fees that users pay to miners on a blockchain protocol, to have their transaction included in the block.

CLICK HERE if you want to learn more about gas fee.

Please note that our $BNBeer team does not control the gas fees. This fee is charged by Binance, and will fluctuate based on supply and demand.

How do I participate in the Presale?

We partnered with PinkSale for our $BNBeer presale. Click here for a detailed guide on how to participate in a PinkSale presale:

How do I claim my tokens?

Click the guide below for a detailed guide of how to claim tokens as part of a PinkSale presale.

What is $BNBeer?

$BNBeer is built on the Binance Smart Chain and is one of the first crypto projects to work collaboratively with a manufacturer to produce beer. $BNBeer is looking to fully revolutionize the decentralized world. Here at $BNBeer we are more than just a Defi token, we are a real beer business and the future of Defi.

Where can I buy $BNBeer?

Now that the presale is complete, you can buy $BNBeer on Pancakeswap with $BNB. The official $BNBeer contract address is 0x7FD659e61815a4B6E65Bd373183B5146580D17cf.

What does “Token Burn” mean?

17% of all tokens will be burned immediately. We will continue to burn tokens to ensure that $BNBeer remains deflationary. This burn, in addition to our auto-buyback mechanism, will reduce the available supply of $BNBeer and help to increase the value of $BNBeer for our investors.

What are reflections?

Reflection are tokens that our investors will receive directly to their wallets. These reflections come from the tax that other investors pay during their transactions. When volume and volatility are high, our investors will earn large amounts of reflections. This encourages a system of long-term holding, and rewards dedicated investors who have "diamond hands".

Why does $BNBeer only support Binance Smart Chain?

Transaction fees for the Binance Smart Chain are much lower than Ethereum, and transaction time is also quicker. BEP-20 has the same address as ERC-20. $BNBeer plans to fully integrate with the Binance DApp Ecosystem.

How do I buy $BNB?

You can buy $BNB on Binance and send it directly to your wallet. You can also use your debit or credit card to purchase $BNB directly via TrustWallet.

Is $BNBeer safe? Has the BNBeer contract been audited?

We always advise investors to do their own research to make the safest decisions with their money. Below is a list of key features of $BNBeer which we have put together to help our investors feel confident investing with us.

  • Audited: Our contract was audited by eNEBULA, an independent third party smart-contract auditing company before the presale started.
  • KYC: Our development team has a KYC certificate and has been verified by, an independent third party auditing firm.
  • Transparent: Our contract was verified on so you can feel confident that what you see is what you get!
  • Anti-dump: Our contract and tokenomics have been designed to prevent large sales/dumps by "whale" investors, which is a problem for most other projects. Our contract design incentivizes long-term holding, which stabilizes the price for our investors.
  • Liqudity Pool Lock: PinkSale has locked the liquidity for two years, and unlocking the pool before then is impossible.
  • Token Lock: 85% of the total tokens are either owned by investors, or have been burned. The remaining tokens are reserved for marketing and strategic partnerships. In order to avoid any conflicts of interest, the development team does not hold any tokens.
  • Marketing: The $BNBeer team created a tokenomics system that reserved the largest portion of taxes for marketing purposes. We are committed to an aggressive marketing strategy, which will benefit our long-term investors.
  • Business-backed: Our $BNBeer token is different than other projects. Here at $BNBeer we have partnerships with manufacturers to produce a real-world product. The $BNBeer team has set a legitmate business. The profits from beer sales will be used in part to carry out token buybacks, further creating value for our long-term investors.

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BNBeer and $BNBeer have no affiliation with any other products of companies with that or similar to the name.

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